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Things FSBO's Don't Think About

The common response that realtors receive from For Sale Buy Owners when contacting them about their properties and why they don't sell...

Here is a list of a few things FSBO's don't think about: 

1) 94% of Fore Sale Buy Owner's eventually list and sell with a professional Real Estate Agent. NAR

2) Every day your home sits unsold, you lose money to taxes, maintenance, insurance, HOA's, and utilities. After trying to sell your home for 6 months, you may spend more than an agent's commission. 

3) Homes priced right with exposure from a Professional Real Estate Agent usually sell within 3 weeks of being listed. 

4) The Most common things I hear as a Realtor when I call a FSBO is: 

  • The phone rings then goes to voicemail (You're not selling your home if your not answering calls).

  • This phone number is disconnected (You're not going to sell your home if you're unreachable).

  • Your unavailable at the requested time (How can you sell your home if you're unavailable).

  • I'll give you 3% as the buyer's agent (I assumed that, so why won't you list with me?).

  • I'm looking to save the 6% (But how much time & money are you wasting showing people who are "just looking", I'll show your home to qualified buyers on my time).

  • I need to check with my husband/wife (You do want to sell your home right?).

  • I've received offers (It's highly unlikely they're at your asking price, if you're still trying to sell your home).

  • Emails bounce back (Once again, you're not selling your house if no one can reach you). 

  • I'm using a MLS Listing service (Listing on the MLS versus a Realtor Professionally listing your home are 2 completely different things). 

  • You don't call agents back (You see agents as the enemy, even though they have the same exact goal in mind, selling your home at it's highest value). 

  • You yell and hang up on agents because you're tired of receiving calls (You are trying to sell your home aren't you? If you sign up with an agent, people will stop calling you, and will start calling your agent). 

  • I'm a realtor myself (So why haven't you listed your home?)

  • I'm advertising my home myself (A yard sign, Zillow, and possibly an MLS entry is not enough). 


What are you getting when you list with me?

  • Hundreds of years of Real Estate Experience, because you're hiring the Broker and all of its' agents who's combined experience is the sum of several centuries. 

  • Exposure to all kinds of buyers/sellers through hundreds to listing companies. 

  • I will door knock your entire neighborhood to let everyone know that you're selling your home and that your neighborhood has the rare opportunity to choose their new neighbors. 

  • Precision: I will price your home at the optimum price to ensure a quick and profitable sale. 

  • My Fiduciary duty: Some agents have been known to withhold higher offers in exchange for representing both the buyer and the seller for a total commission of 6% instead of 3%. I am loyal to you, and while I may be paid less for my work, I'm committed to getting you most money for your home. 

  • Timeliness: I aim to always be at least 15 minutes early and will stay till the end. 

  • Professionalism: I'm not only representing myself, my broker, but I'm also representing you. 

  • Tough as Nails Negotiating Skills: You're getting someone who will fight for every penny on your behalf. What does it say when an agent is willing to accept 2% commission instead of 3%? It means they have poor negotiating skills. 

  • And a track record of success. 

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